American Arrangements For an Operation in Al-Jawf


United States began arrangements for a special operation in Al-Jawf. Tribal sources reported that the governor of the Congrass in Al-Jawf, Hussein Al-Awadi, handed the American ambassador a list of military and tribal leaders affiliated with Islah party, accusing them of obstructing his work.

It is not clear whether the operation will be through air strikes on those leaders who live in Marib, whose skies have recently turned into an intense flight of American drones, that through assassinations.

Al-Awadi had met earlier on Tuesday with the US ambassador in Riyadh.

The meeting came after Al-Awadi accused Islah party of obstructing his work. The failure of the Presidential Council to impose Al-Awadi as a replacement for Amin Al-Akimi, the former governor of Al-Jawf, who is being held in Saudi Arabia on charges of embezzlement and corruption.