Al-Ruwaishan Accuses Saudi Arabia of Transferring Terrorist Organisations to Mahrah and Hadhramaut


Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs Jalal Al-Ruwaishan confirmed that there are attempts by the US-Saudi aggression to booby-trap the future of Yemen by transferring extremist groups to Mahrah and Hadhramaut.

He pointed out that the US-Saudi aggression has no intentions to alleviate the suffering of the people of Yemen after three times of renewing the UN truce.

“The Omani delegation carried ideas from the US-Saudi aggression on the issue of paying salaries to state employees, while the issue for us relates to the entitlements of 30 million Yemeni citizens,” he said.

Al-Ruwaishan explained that people of Yemen want to pay the salaries of all civil and military employees of the state, as these salaries are the right of every employee, adding that the salary issue is a special entitlement for every Yemeni citizen that must be paid from the proceeds of Yemeni oil.

He also confirmed that the armed forces are fully prepared and confirm that Yemen is still under aggression, and that it has arranged its affairs to reach goals that the US-Saudi aggression does not expect.

“Our oil wealth cannot be plundered and the people of Yemen need their salaries, stressing that there can be no political solution while the country is under aggression, siege and occupation,” he said.

He also stressed that the humanitarian issue must be separated from the political and military conflict.

Al-Ruwaishan indicated that America has interests in the region, and the US-Saudi aggression must define its interests away from American interference, which only wants to solve its problems.

He noted that all that was presented was promises that were not implemented on the ground, and all our humanitarian demands are put forward by communicating with the Saudi side.

Al-Ruwaishan called on the sacrifices made by the people of Yemen and the gains they achieved with a unified leadership, army and people that will not be undone, regardless of the media discourse of the US-Saudi aggression.

Al-Ruwaishan pointed out that Saudi Arabia is facing American pressure regarding OPEC Plus and Europe’s oil needs in winter, and it is not a shame for it to back down from its mistake, describing that it is now in a bad situation and Yemen, with its geopolitical position, has the power to influence energy markets.

Recently, The Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs, Lieutenant-General Jalal Al-Rowaishan, affirmed that options are open in the face of US-Saudi aggression to restore rights, and these options stem from the fact that the Yemeni people are in a position of self-defense.

“The goals of aggression still exist despite the international armistice and the state of no peace and no war that we have reached through the occupation of the land, the economic war, and the siege on airports and ports,” said the deputy prime minister.

He pointed out that the military option exists to break the economic war and break the siege on Yemeni airports and ports, pointing out that the defeat of the Yemeni people through the blockade and economic war is a pipe dream, and the aggression coalition must wake up from those dreams.