Ministry of Health: US-Saudi Aggression, Blockade Directly Caused Spread of Many Epidemics


Ministry of Public Health and Population affirmed on Tuesday that the US-Saudi aggression and blockade that Yemen is exposed to has directly caused the spread of many epidemics over the past years.

During an event held by the Ministry on the occasion of the International Day of Epidemics, Health Spokesman Najeeb Al-Qabati explained that the statistics of epidemiological diseases during 2022 in all governorates are approximately 4.5 million infected, including 686 deaths.

“Our country was subjected to brutal aggression and an unjust blockade that caused the spread of many epidemics directly over the past years,” Al-Qabati said. He indicated that the aggression targeted health centers and epidemiological surveillance and control centers, and prevented the entry of varieties of solutions.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health added that the crimes of aggression affected malaria control centers and treatment of cholera cases, in addition to targeting medical and emergency personnel. He pointed out that the aggression prevents the entry of varieties of solutions, supplies, medical devices, and means of combating epidemics.

Al-Qabati noted that the aggression is still continuing to prevent the arrival of ships carrying shipments of medicines despite being subject to forced inspection, and the medicines that are allowed to arrive arrive in poor condition as a result of poor storage.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health stated that unsafe water is one of the most important causes of epidemics. He pointed out that citizens drink polluted water in some areas as a result of the aggression targeting drinking water projects.

He confirmed that the aggression’s control of the state’s oil and gas resources made the Salvation Government unable to provide operational budgets for disease control and surveillance programs.

He called on the United Nations to be credible in the slogans it raises and the international days it announces, and to exercise its humanitarian role in stopping the aggression and lifting the blockade. He called for the entry of all anti-epidemic needs, including medicines and medical supplies, without delay.