Humanity Eye Center Releases Statistics on Casualties, Damage Caused by Aggression in 2022


Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development on Saturday published shocking statistics on casualties and damage caused by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition on Yemen during 2022AD.

According to a report issued by the Center, the total number of martyrs and wounded reached 3,083, including 643 killed, including 102 children and 27 women. The total wounded reached 2,440, including 353 children and 97 women.

Regarding infrastructure, Saudi-led coalition forces destroyed one airport, 1 seaport, 22 stations and electricity generators. Moreover, 46 networks and communication stations, 334 reservoirs and water stations, 57 government facilities, and 974 roads and bridges were destroyed.

With regard to economic facilities, the coalition forces destroyed 4 factories, 13 fuel tankers, and 229 commercial establishments. Moreover, 29 chicken and livestock farms, 1,022 means of transportation, and 3 fishing boats were destroyed. Also, 37 food stores, 5 markets, and 95 food trucks were destroyed.

Regarding to service facilities, the center explained that the coalition destroyed 14,367 homes and university facilities, 134 mosques, 5 tourist facilities, and 12 hospitals and health facilities.

The center added, the coalition destroyed 64 schools and educational facilities, 1,987 agricultural fields, 2 sports facilities, 3 archaeological sites, and 7 media facilities.