Protest Stand in Hadhramaut Rejects UAE Militia Presence


People of Hadhramaut organized a protest, denouncing the security chaos in the governorate.

The protesters denounced the attempt to plunge the districts of Wadi Hadramout into chaos and to set up militia camps outside the state’s authority.

In the vigil organized by the Free Youth of Hadramout, the people of Wadi Hadramout raised banners denouncing the recruitment of militia from outside the governorate, refusing that the Wadi districts be an arena for regional conflict.

The protesters considered that maintaining security in the districts of Hadhramout is the responsibility of its people, calling for an end to the creation of camps for the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Militia.

This comes after the UAE brought in the “giants” militia, formed from the people of Al-Dhalea and Lahj, via Shabwa to Hadramout, and stationed in the Jathma camp, which controls the oil companies in the Wadi district.