Significant Pollution Off Coast Of Socotra Caused By Oil Spill


According to media sources on Socotra, there was a significant pollution on the coast of the Socotra archipelago.

An oil spill occurred off the beach of Delisha in Hadibo, the center of the Socotra archipelago caused by the tanker “Gulf Dove” owned by the Yemeni businessman Ahmed Saleh Al-Eisi

The sources added that the diameter of the oil pollution spot is widening as the spill from the stranded tanker continues off the coast of Hadibo.

Sources warned of the consequences of the spill on the vital habitats and ecosystem of the archipelago and the repercussions on the life and safety of rare organisms in Socotra.

According to the sources, Al-Eisi owns 12 dilapidated ships, which are about to sin on the coasts of Aden and other governorates.

These ships are not registered and do not have flags or operating permits, as a result of negligence of pro-coalition government.

The sources stated that the ships and vessels of Al-Eisi’s Al-Bahar Company have contributed to polluting the marine environment in Yemen, starting with the tanker, Champion, in Mukalla city of Hadhramaut in 2013, passing through the Gulf Dove ship in Socotra in 2019, the sinking of DIAA ship in Aden in 2021, and the Princess of the Sea in 2022, and the delinquency of Yemen Oil 6 at the end of 2022.