A Yemeni Female Pilgrim is Prosecuted For Refusing Saudi Insults


The Saudi authorities have prosecuted a Yemeni female pilgrim, who refused to be insulted by a Saudi employee working as a policewoman in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

Sources reported that a Yemeni woman named Mrwa Abed Rabbo Al-Sabri, 29, was arrested while on her way to the Grand Mosque in Mecca to perform Umrah, but she was insulted by a policewoman at the gate of the sanctuary who told her, “Yemenis, you are not good,” but she responded to that insult by saying, “ You, the Saudis, have destroyed our country.” It is a fact known to everyone and recognized by the world.

They added that the Saudi authorities employed the reaction of the Yemeni female pilgrim to abuse her by fabricating her claim that she had bombs, which is believed to be intended to justify sentencing her to one year in prison.

The position of the Yemeni pilgrim performer comes in light of the pro-Saudi mercenary government’s submissiveness, and its commitment to silence regarding the violation to which the pilgrim al-Sabri, was subjected.