Deputy Foreign Minister Condemns Egyptian Restrictions On Yemeni Travelers


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the National Salavtion Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, criticized on Sunday the new restrictions imposed by the Egyptian authorities on the Yemenis.

“Repatriating Yemeni travelers from Cairo airport is a point of shame in the history of the Arabs as a whole,” Al-Ezzi said in a tweet on Twitter.

He affirmed that Yemen has never closed its door in the face of an Arab national and will never close it until the Day of Judgment. “This is the difference between us.”

Al-Ezzi also addressed the Yemenis, saying that they are rightfully the source of Arabism and the masters of the Arabs, and that the day will come when every Arab will be ashamed of looking at their eyes.

Egyptian authorities have imposed new restrictions on the entry of Yemenis to its lands, returning 80 travelers who arrived at Cairo airport on Saturday and forcing them to return to Aden.