YMU: 337 Journalists And Media Workers Were Killed By Saudi Aggression


The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) revealed on Wednesday statistics of crimes and violations of aggression against journalists, media professionals and the media in Yemen.

In a statement issued on the occasion of World Press Day, May 3, the Federation stated that the aggression coalition systematically targeted the media and its workers, killing 337 journalists and media workers.

The statement, of which the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) obtained a copy, confirmed that 23 media and press institutions were bombed and destroyed by the aggression, in addition to targeting and destroying 30 radio transmission and reception towers.

He pointed out that the violations of the aggression against the media included six cases of cloning and forgery of channels and websites, eight cases of stopping broadcasting channels, seven cases of blocking and jamming channels, and three cases of hacking websites.

The federation indicated that among the violations included the suspension of two official newspapers from publication, and the prevention of more than 143 international journalists from entering Yemen, in addition to the suspension and deletion of the accounts of media professionals and activists on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

He pointed out that the aggression coalition launched a wide-ranging misleading war, and many propaganda campaigns through which it tried to overturn the facts, cover up and obscure its crimes and massacres against the Yemeni people, and the siege, looting and destruction of Yemen’s wealth and capabilities, the humanitarian crisis it caused in the country is the worst in the world.