UN Special Envoy’s Adviser For Yemen Holds Military Meeting In Hodeidah


The UN Special Envoy’s Military Adviser for Yemen Brigadier General, Antony Hayward, held on Saturday a meeting with the Chief of the General Staff of the Sana’a Forces, Major General Ali Al-Moshki.

During the meeting, the UN official gave an “explanation of the international role to stabilize the cease-fire in the event that Sana’a and the coalition were reached.”

For his part, Maj. Gen. Al-Moshki reviewed the general situation of the existing truce and the provocations of the coalition forces, including “the coalition’s recruitment of transnational criminal elements, in addition to the human tragedy that the Yemeni people are experiencing under siege.”

He said that talking about a cease-fire prior to the implementation of the provisions of the humanitarian file is premature, welcoming at the same time the efforts made by the UN in this context.

Al-Moshki reaffirmed Sanaa’s seriousness in peace, accusing the other side of having no intentions to proceed with establishing peace against the backdrop of American obstruction and Saudi lack of seriousness.

He stressed at the same time that Sana’a’s forces are ready to proceed with consolidating peace on the ground as much as they being prepared to return to fighting, According to “Al-Masirah” website.