Military Intelligence Chief: As Much As We Are Ready For Peace, We Are Also Ready For The Worst Possibilities


Head of the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance General Abdullah Al-Hakim affirmed the keenness of the supreme revolutionary, political and military leadership to achieve a just peace that preserves Yemen’s unity, independence and dignity.

“As much as we are ready for peace, we are also ready for the worst possibilities,” Al-Hakim said during his meeting with the UN Special Envoy’s Military Adviser Brigadier General Antony Hayward on Sunday.

He explained that the Saudi-backed party is obstructing the process of establishing peace, indicating that its hidden arrangements in the political and diplomatic fields, siege, starvation, and others are clear.

General Al-Hakim stressed the importance of obliging the Saudi-backed party to remove the chaos it created in the coastal region, Aden and the south in general.

He also reaffirmed the need for the aggression to enhance confidence in the ceasefire, open roads, resolve other humanitarian issues, and release all prisoners.

For his part, the UN Special Envoy’s Military Adviser referred to work to achieve peace and to seek a solution and a cease-fire, stressing the continuation of work until reaching the right path to solve the problems related to the success of the peace process.

Hayward praised the progress made in reaching the release of the prisoners, pointing out that there are upcoming meetings to release the rest.