Yemeni Armed Forces Conduct Largest Military Exercises


The Yemeni Armed Forces revealed on Monday’s evening the details of the military maneuver they carried out in the fourth military region, with the participation of combat units from their various formations.

Al-Masirah channel quoted a military source in the Yemeni armed forces as saying: The maneuver, titled “Loyalty to the Martyr Leader,” is one of the largest exercises conducted by the Sana’a forces.

The military source said that the maneuver took place on an area of ​​100 square kilometers, in an offensive nature, on supposed sites and camps of the American and Israeli enemy.

The source added: The maneuver aims to raise the state of readiness and simulate combat readiness by carrying out supposed offensive operations against enemy sites.

Al-Masirah channel showed scenes from the military maneuver, showing the great combat readiness of the Sana’a forces to engage in battles and their advance towards the enemy’s positions that are supposed to be controlled.

As the maneuver showed, the engineering units destroyed the hypothetical enemy sites after taking control of them.. In addition to the drones dropping missiles on the fortifications of the supposed enemy sites and destroying them.