Clashes Between Islah And Al-Maili Tribe In Marib


Clashes erupted between a force affiliated with Islah Party and tribal groups in Marib Governorate, northeastern Yemen.

Sources reported that clashes were taking place between the road security forces and gunmen from the Ma’ili family from the Ubaidah tribe in Al-Wadi district, after they set up a sector on the international road east of Marib, to pressure the “Islah Party” to meet their demands.

The sources confirmed that there were casualties in the clashes between the two parties.

Islah party reaps billions of riyals per month from oil and gas in Marib, where its cadres control the majority of positions, in return for depriving the governorate’s tribes of their right to public office and resorting to engaging them in inter-war wars to weaken them.