Abdulsalam Condemns Assassination WFP Official In Taiz


The head of the National Delegation Mohammad Abdulsalam condemned on Friday the assassination of the head of the World Food Program team in US-Saudi-Occupied Taiz.

“The lack of security in all the occupied regions, in addition to the deterioration of the economic situation and the collapse of the currency, are proof of the chaos the forces of aggression seek.” Abdulsalam tweeted.

“The forces of aggression seek to create chaos in the occupied territories to exhaust the Yemeni citizen and distract him from caring about the fate of his country, its sovereignty and independence”, he added.

Earlier on Friday, media sources reported that armed elements in Al-Turbah area, which is under the control of the mercenaries of aggression, fired at a UN car, wounding the head of the World Food Program team (Moayad Hamidi – Jordanian) with 6 bullets, which resulted in his death instantly.