Insan Organization Condemns Robbery, Murder Crimes Against Yemenis In US


Insan Rights and Freedoms Organization condemned Friday the repeated crimes of robbery, assault and murder against Yemeni citizens in the US.

Recently, the Yemeni citizen Ahmed Ahmed Saleh Al-Qalfani, 28 years old, was killed in the city Montgomery, Alabama, this week.

The organization indicated in a statement that the US authorities restrict most of these crimes that were committed against members of the Yemeni community against unknown persons.

The statement emphasized that what the US is experiencing does not match what the US administration claims to provide security protection and preserve the rights and safety of its citizens and residents.

Human Organization also called on the international community and the US administration to stand seriously in front of these crimes, to take strict measures against the perpetrators and to bring them to justice so that they receive their punishment.

It also expressed condolences to the family of the citizen Al-Qalfani and all the Yemeni community in the US, stressing standing with the Yemeni community in the face of such outlaw attacks.