Sayyed Abdul-Malik: Yemen Ready To Participate If US Intervenes In Palestine


The leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, said that Yemen is ready to participate with missiles, drone strikes, and any other military options if the United States directly intervenes in the aggression against Palestine.

At the beginning of his speech on Tuesday regarding the latest developments in Palestine, Sayyed Abdul-Malik congratulated to the Palestinian people and their fighters for the great victory that Allah has bestowed upon them and our Islamic nation in the blessed major operation of Al-Aqsa Storm.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik noted that the Al-Aqsa Storm operation has achieved a historic and tremendous victory, unparalleled in the jihad journey of the heroic mujahideen from the Palestinian people, the oppressed and dear people.

he stated that “the operation is a great and important operation carried out within the framework of the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to confront the oppressive and occupying enemy. It came at a clear time when the levels of targeting Al-Aqsa reached an unprecedented form.”

Sayyed Abdul-Malik clarified that there is no blame on the Palestinian people because they possess divine legitimacy in confronting the enemy. He considered that the argument and blame should be directed against the usurping and occupying entity and those who support it, primarily the United States, in all its forms of support.

He added, “It is not permissible or appropriate for this nation to watch the Palestinian people and their fighters while Western countries come forward to support the oppressive and defiled enemy of the sanctities.” He emphasized that it is the religious, national, and moral duty of the Islamic and Arab nation to support the Palestinian people in all forms of political, media, financial, and military support.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik continued, “We had hoped to be alongside Palestine, and if it were possible, our people would have sent hundreds of thousands of fighters to defend Palestine. However, we are faced with the geographical region and some countries.” He pointed out that “no matter the obstacles, we will not hesitate to do everything we can and everything within our capabilities.”

Furthermore, Sayyed Abdul-Malik affirmed that Yemen is in full coordination with the axis of jihad and resistance to do everything within its capabilities. He emphasized, saying, “The coordination involves certain levels of events and red lines, one of which is that if the United States directly intervenes, we are prepared to participate through missile strikes, marches, and military options.”

He pointed out that “there are red lines regarding the situation in Gaza, and we are in coordination with our brothers in the axis of jihad, ready to intervene with all that we can.” He reiterated Yemen’s eagerness to have assistance options that have a significant impact within the framework of coordination with the axis of jihad and resistance.

The Importance of the Role of Peoples

Sayyed Abdulmalik also addressed the role of the people, stating, “Peoples must have a heard voice.” He pointed out that our Yemeni people had a clear and heard voice since the first day of the operation, and this voice will continue to resonate.

He reiterated the confirmation that our people are present and ready to do everything they can to fulfill their sacred duty in support of the Palestinian people. He explained that the participation of our people in demonstrations expressed this stance from the early hours of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik condemned all the abuses and defamations carried out by collaborators against the Palestinian people and their free individuals in the media, which aim to undermine the Arab and Islamic position.

A Message to the Mujahideen and the People in Palestine

Sayyed Abdul-Malik addressed the mujahideen and the Palestinian people, saying, “You are not alone… Our people and the free individuals of this nation are by your side, and do not pay attention to the intimidations and media campaigns.” He added that the Al-Aqsa Flood is a sign from God signaling the beginning of a new phase in which God will grant victory and empowerment to the mujahideen and the Palestinian people.

The leader concluded his speech by saying, “We will be in a state of continuous monitoring and coordination with the axis and the mujahideen in Palestine, and we will be ready to participate according to the planned levels within the framework of this battle.”