Revolution leader : We Did Not Care About American Threatening Messages


The leader of the revolution, al-Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, revealed that since the beginning of the events in Palestine, Sanaa has received threatening and enticing messages from the American side to dissuade it from its position of support for the Palestinian people.

The leader of the revolution said in his speech today during the inauguration of the anniversary of the martyr, “The Americans said in their message that they directed the countries of the region not to have any reaction to what is happening in Palestine, so we told them, we are not among those who receive directives from you or submit to your orders.”

He pointed out that the Yemeni people have taken this position and are prepared for all its consequences, as they are a mujahid people.

He pointed out that the American “is moving to put pressure on us through direct threats, the return of war with the coalition, and obstructing the agreement with the coalition.”

The Leader of the Revolution affirmed the continuation of activities and efforts within the framework of this correct and honorable position at all levels, at the military level and donations through the national campaign supervised by the Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa.

He added, “From the first day we raised the slogan of al-Sarkha launched by the martyr leader, al-Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and until today, we have expressed our firm and principled position toward Palestine, even during the aggression from which we are still suffering until now.”

He stated that the Palestinian people are suffering today from the barbarism of the Zionist aggression supported by America and the West and are living in a chapter of Jewish crime.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that the Zionist enemy is practicing all means of criminality and genocide against the Palestinian people, and there are scenes reported by the media about the scale of crimes and painful tragedies, and the number of martyrs has exceeded 11,000 martyrs, the majority of whom are children and women.

He stated that this barbarism and savagery included their focus on hospitals as primary targets through bombing and siege.

Al-Sayyed pointed out that the Zionist enemy even targets ovens and bakeries, preventing the Palestinian people in Gaza from obtaining food. It also targets all necessities of life and prevents water under Israeli and Arab sieges.

Al-Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the countries neighboring Palestine do not take a serious initiative to bring humanitarian materials into Gaza and do not seek to impose the delivery of these food and medicines in accordance with international laws and humanitarian.

He said: “In light of this tragedy, the Palestinians are asking for help and relief from the people of the Islamic nation and reminding them that they are part of it, so why does the nation not move to help them?”

Al-Sayyed explained that the majority of Arab regimes lose seriousness and do not have the will, even at the minimum, to take serious action regarding what is happening in Palestine.

He said: “Even the last summit, which was held under the title of an emergency Arab-Islamic summit representing 57 countries, did not produce any practical measures, and this is sad.”

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the summit did not take any practical action. Rather, when some countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia, and Iraq, presented a proposal for a stronger and better formula that included some practical steps, which were very simple, it was rejected by some other countries, led by Saudi Arabia.

He stated that the position of some Arab countries did not reach the level of the position of some non-Arab and Islamic countries, such as Colombia and some countries from South America, which severed their relations with Israel and boycotted the Zionist enemy.

He said: “It made our hearts bloody, sad, angry, and very sorry for what the Saudi regime did in conjunction with the great tragedy and terrible crimes committed in Gaza by the Zionist enemy, and then it announced the Riyadh season of dancing and promiscuity.”

Al-Sayyed pointed out that the official Arab reality and most Arab and Islamic countries did not move towards what is happening as they should and with the extent of responsibility, even with a humanitarian and moral motive.

He said, “The British, French, Italian, German, and Western countries took the initiative to support the Zionist enemy with all forms of support and support, and yesterday the Americans and Europeans incited attacks on hospitals in Gaza, adopting the Israeli logic that contain sites and headquarters for Hamas leaders”…. Pointing out that there is concertedness and cooperation by the infidel West with the criminal Israeli, who is in the position of the aggressor.

He wondered: “Why do not the people of this nation stand with the oppressed? Why does our nation not stand with the oppressed as much as its enemies stand with the oppressor? …. There is a very big imbalance and therefore we realize the importance of such occasions to revive the jihadist spirit in the nation and the sense of responsibility.”

Al-Sayyed added, “We announced from day one that we fully stand with our Palestinian people and the resistance in Gaza, to stand at the military level and at all levels, and to move in all fields with everything we can to support them.”

He also stressed, “Over the past years, we have said, and we say it today, if our dear people had had a land outlet through which they could move to a Palestinian, hundreds of thousands of mujahideen would have moved, …We hope that the countries that geographically separate us from occupied Palestine would test and try our credibility and the credibility of our people by opening a land outlet for transit only.”

The leader of the revolution stressed that “the bombardment with missiles and marches will continue, in addition to planning for additional operations against all the Zionist targets we can attack in Palestine or outside Palestine.”

He said: “As for the Red Sea, especially Bab al-Mandab and what borders Yemeni territorial waters, our eyes are open to constantly monitor and search for any Israeli ship.”

He appealed to all Arab and Islamic peoples to fear God and boycott American and Israeli goods and all companies that support the Zionists as an effective weapon.