Aggression against Gaza costs Zionist enemy $53 billion


The Central Bank of the Zionist enemy entity has revealed that the aggression against the Gaza Strip cost the Zionist economy 53 billion US dollars.

The cost includes 107 billion shekels in defense expenditures, 22 billion shekels in direct and indirect compensation for damages, and 25 billion shekels in other civilian expenses.

According to the bank, the total costs amounted to 198 billion shekels, equivalent to 53 billion dollars.

The Central Bank also announced that the aggression on Gaza has major repercussions and that the degree of uncertainty in the economy is very large regarding the expected depth and duration of the fighting, which causes harm to economic activity.

Bloomberg previously confirmed that Israel’s budget deficit may reach 9% of its gross domestic product.

In this context, the website of the Zim Shipping Company showed a record decline in the shares of the company affiliated with the Israeli enemy, as the Zionist company recorded a sharp decline in the value of its shares by 4.20%, which is the lowest level it has recorded in 5 years.