Hamas says it confronted Israeli forces violating truce following brief extension


Hamas says it has successfully confronted Israeli forces who were violating a ceasefire in Gaza hours after it was extended for a brief period.

A spokesman of Hamas’ military wing, known as Qassam Brigades, said on Tuesday that the clashes that had erupted in northern Gaza earlier in the day between the Brigades and the Israeli forces were a result of Israelis’ blatant violation of the truce.

However, the spokesman, who goes by his nom de guerre Abu Obaida, told Al Jazeera that Hamas will stick to its commitments under the ceasefire deal as long as Israel observes its obligations.

The comments came after reports suggested that Israeli forces had sought to advance from their positions in northern Gaza earlier on Tuesday despite the ceasefire.
The reports said the Israelis had to return to their positions after they were confronted by the Qassam Brigades.