350 crimes committed by Zionist enemy against journalists documented


The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate has documented about 350 crimes and serious violations against journalists and media outlets during 50 days of the Zionist-American aggression against the Palestinian people.

The Syndicate explained, in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, that during its aggression against the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October, 100 journalists, including 70 martyrs of journalists and media workers, two missing journalists, and 28 journalists detained in prisons. the enemy .

The statement confirmed that the number of Palestinian journalists killed by enemy forces within 50 days is equivalent to 120 percent of those killed in 23 years, and is equal to more than three times the number of journalists killed in all parts of the world since the beginning of this year.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate called for an urgent international stance and action to stop the ongoing crimes of the Zionist-American aggression, punish the entity, and provide effective protection for journalists, considering every international body that hesitates in this effort is a partner and complicit with the enemy in its crimes against journalists.