MR.Abdul Salam confirms Yemen’s keenness on security & safety of sea lanes


The official spokesman for Ansar Allah, Muhammad Abdul Salam, confirmed that Yemen is keen on maritime security and the safety of its waterways, and that the Yemeni naval forces are committed to protecting Yemeni waters in accordance with their sovereign powers.

In his comment on the statement of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven Industrialized Countries regarding maritime security, Abdel Salam explained that the operation that took place recently was limited to Israeli ships, and the naval forces announced this through their repeated warnings to ships belonging to the Israeli enemy or working with it that they would be vulnerable to being targeted as a result of the brutal aggression and unjust siege on the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people.

He said, “The criminal entity’s actions constitute a threat to regional and international peace and security, and that confronting it and its aggressive activities against the Palestinian people and the region is important for the security and peace of the region and the world.”

He stressed that the crew of the detained ship were treated in accordance with Islamic morals and humanitarian norms, and they were also allowed to communicate with their families.

Abdel Salam pointed out that the seizure of the Israeli ship was done in solidarity with the Palestinian people and in support of their valiant resistance in Gaza, and that the fate of the ship is linked to the choices of the Palestinian resistance and to serve its goals in confronting the Zionist aggression.

The spokesman for Ansar Allah considered that the G7 industrialized countries giving the legitimacy of self-defense to the Zionist entity is a violation of international law as it is an invalid occupation of Palestine. He stressed that the real legitimacy is for the Palestinian people to resist and confront the aggression and siege they are exposed to by the American and Western-backed Israeli entity.