Yemeni armed forces: Attacks against Zionist entity will continue until it stops brutal aggression on Gaza


Spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces in Sana’a, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, said on Sunday that “the Armed Forces will resume targeting the Zionist occupation entity with severe strikes after the enemy returns to its barbaric aggression against Gaza Strip.”

During honoring the families of martyrs from the Moral Guidance Department, Brigadier General Sare’e confirmed that the armed forces are ready for all options and possibilities to respond to any attack by “the Saudi-Emirati aggression regimes.”

Brigadier General Sarie noted that the brutal crimes in Gaza are similar to those committed against Yemeni people over the past nine years of aggression against Yemen with the same American weapon.

“The American was the one who directed the battle against Yemen, and he is the one who is running the battle today against Gaza and Palestine,” he said.

The speaker emphasized that those who attacked Yemen from the coalition of evil regimes and mercenary gangs are those who support the Zionist entity’s barbaric aggression against Gaza, and those who support Gaza today are those who support Yemen.

“Today we are fighting a fateful battle with the Zionist and American enemies, and we will continue until the aggression against Gaza stops,” Brigadier General Sare’e said.

He pointed out that if the Americans and Zionists attacked Yemen, they would commit great foolishness, and the response would be strong and painful.

“It is enough pride and honor for us in Yemen that we have taken an honorable position that will be immortalized in history in supporting Gaza and Palestine, waging the battle of confrontation with the Zionist enemy,” he added.