Hamas lauds Yemen’s decision to ban ships sailing to Zionist entity


The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has praised the Yemeni Armed Forces’ decision to prevent the passage of all ships bound for the occupied territories through the Red Sea as long as Israel maintains its all-out siege of the Gaza Strip.

“We consider the decision to be a brave and bold decision,” Hamas said in a statement on Saturday.

It added that Yemen’s decision “stands against the Zionist-American aggressors that have continued the war of genocide and massacres against all components of the human life of our Palestinian people over the past 64 days.”

Hamas also called on Arab and Islamic countries to activate all their abilities and capabilities in line with their historical responsibilities “to break the Israeli siege of Gaza; prevent the continuation of the regime’s massacres and the war of starvation and thirst; and stop the Nazi aggression launched by Israel with the direct support of the United States.”