Islamic Jihad Movement appreciates Yemen’s decision to ban ships sailing to Zionist entity


The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine appreciated on Saturday the Yemeni stance on preventing ships heading to the usurping Zionist entity from passing as long as Gaza is deprived of basic supplies.

In a statement issued this evening, the Islamic Jihad Movement said: “We see in the position of the Yemeni people, their leadership, and their armed forces an authentic Arab and Islamic position.”

The movement emphasized that the Yemeni decision came at a historic moment and expressed “the depth of the authentic belonging to the Yemeni people and their valiant leadership.”

In its statement, the movement condemned Arab impotence and its dependence on Zionist and American positions.

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced this evening that they would prevent the passage of all ships heading to the Zionist entity, regardless of their nationalities, if the necessary food and medicines were not allowed to enter the Gaza Strip.