MR.Mohammed al-Houthi: any Zionist military vessel in Red Sea will be seen as direct threat to Yemen


Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi, said on Saturday that “the armed forces will consider any military escort of Israeli ships to endanger the security of the Republic of Yemen.”

Al-Houthi noted in his account on the “X” platform that according to this principle, “the armed forces will have the right to confront this danger.”

In a previous post, Al-Houthi stated that no American or other military piece has the right to accompany Israeli ships or those heading to the Israeli enemy.

لايحق لاي قطع عسكرية امريكية
او غيرها
مرافقة السفن الإسرائيلية أو المتجهة الى العدو الإسرائيلي .#الفيتو_الأمريكي_ارهاب

— محمد علي الحوثي (@Moh_Alhouthi) December 9, 2023

Al-Houthi’s remarks came following the Yemeni armed forces’ announcement this evening of preventing the passage of all ships of any nationality heading to the Zionist entity if the necessary food and medicine did not enter the Gaza Strip.

The armed forces warned all ships and companies against dealing with Israeli ports.