Popular celebrations held in Sana’a in support of Yemeni Armed Forces’ descisions


In a spontaneous gathering on Saturday evening at Seventy Square in Sana’a, Yemeni citizens expressed their backing for the leadership’s decisions, standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The event saw citizens hoisting the Palestinian flag, echoing supportive chants and displaying pride for the recent announcement made by the Armed Forces. This declaration is viewed as a progressive step towards advocating for Gaza, its populace, and their resilient resistance.

Adjacent to Seventy Square, at Palestine Roundabout, citizens joined together, singing folk songs that resonated with joy and appreciation for Yemen’s supportive stance towards Palestine.

Earlier in the day, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces warned that unless Gaza receives the necessary food and medicine, any ships passing through Yemen’s territorial waters en route to the occupied territories could become “legitimate targets.”

The Yemeni forces have undertaken numerous operations against the occupied territories since the start of the Israeli military aggression against Gaza. These actions included ballistic and cruise missile attacks, along with the interception of several Israeli ships navigating through Yemen’s waters.

On December 4, the Yemeni Army targeted two Israeli ships in the Red Sea that were attempting to cross the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

Reports indicate that Israeli shipping companies have rerouted their vessels due to concerns about potential attacks by Yemeni forces.

With unwavering political and military support from the United States, the Israeli regime has conducted a campaign of genocide against Gaza since October 7, following an operation by the territory’s resistance groups, known as al-Aqsa Storm. Gaza’s Health Ministry reports casualties of 17,700 deaths and 48,780 injuries due to Israeli aggression.

Simultaneously, the regime has imposed blockades on water, food, medication, and electricity, exacerbating a dire humanitarian crisis in the strip.