Palestinian resistance fighters kill 40 Zionist soldiers


The Palestinian resistance announced that it killed 40 Zionist soldiers and destroyed at least 44 military vehicles completely or partially in the last 48 hours over Gaza.

The resistance fighters ambushed a group of Israeli occupation forces and eliminated its members using machine guns and projectiles.

The resistance fighters also engaged the Israeli forces in fierce fighting and fired mortar shells at the occupation in Khan Younis.

The resistance targeted with missiles 4 Merkava tanks and a 9D military bulldozer of the Israeli occupation on al-Jalaa Street in Gaza City and in the vicinity of al-Fakhoura, west of Jabalia camp, and fired “Yassin 105” missiles at 5 tanks, a troop transport and 3 military bulldozers.

The resistance blew up a house in the al-Shuja’iya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, where more than 13 Zionist soldiers were barricaded.