MR.Mohammed al-Houthi: No ship to Israel will pass Red Sea as long as Gaza siege continues


Member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, commented on Tuesday on the ongoing US pressure on Yemen, in which Washington has made various promises in exchange for Yemen abandoning Gaza and the cause of Palestine.

Al-Houthi stressed in a post on the X platform that “if the aggression and siege on Gaza continue and food, medicine, water, do not enter Gaza, no ship belonging to the Zionist entity will pass.”

“We say to the Americans: Bring in food, medicine, water, and other things,” he said, adding, “As long as Gaza is besieged, you will not pass.”

نقول للامريكي
ادخلوا الغذاء والدواء والماء وغيرها باذن الله

— محمد علي الحوثي (@Moh_Alhouthi) December 12, 2023