Palestinian Resistance Factions thank Yemen for continued support to Palestine


The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, expressed on Tuesday its thanks to the Yemeni armed forces for their efforts to support the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people.

The senior member of Hamas, Osama Hamdan, said during his press conference, “We thank our brothers in Ansarallah in Yemen and the Yemeni armed forces for their continued efforts to support the resistance in Palestine and the people of Palestine.”

For his part, the military spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigades, Abu Hamza, saluted the Yemeni people and said in a video speech broadcast this evening: “All salutes to the free people of free and brave Yemen, whose actions and words preceded them, and who proved to everyone that they are supporters of Allah, Islam, jihad, and Palestine.”

The Yemeni armed forces had previously announced the targeting of a Norwegian oil tanker that was heading to the Zionist entity after its crew rejected all warning calls, confirming that they would continue to prevent all ships of all nationalities heading to Israeli ports from navigating in the Arabian Sea and Red Sea until the entry of food and medicine into the Gaza Strip.