Abu Obeida: Our fighters have targeted more than 100 Zionist military vehicles


The military spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida, confirmed that Al-Qassam fighters were able in the last five days to target more than 100 Zionist military vehicles.

“Our brave fighters are fighting a heavily armed force equipped with lethal weapons, ammunition, supported by planes, warships, and armored vehicles, under the cover of forces of oppression and aggression, led by the American administration, which is airlifting support to this entity as if it were fighting a great power among the world’s poles,” Abu Obeida said in a recorded statement on Friday evening.

He added, “Yet, our fighters are heroically fighting historical battles with light and pride. The whole world sees how our fighters destroy and burn the enemy’s armored vehicles, killing the invading soldiers inside them.”

Abu Obedia continued: “It’s been 70 days since the beginning of Al Aqsa Flood battle, and our people are still fighting this battle, facing this unprecedented criminal war in modern times.”

“Over the last five days, our fighters have targeted more than 100 military vehicles in the Zionist aggression’s axes in Jabalia, Al-Shuja’iyya, Sheikh Radwan, Al-Zaytoun, the central region, and in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip,” he said.

He added, “Over the past five days, our fighters have carried out a large number of precise ambushes against the enemy’s infantry forces in Jabalia, Sheikh Radwan, central Al-Shuja’iyya, and Khan Younis.”

The engagement of our fighters with the enemy forces has exposed how weak and cowardly their army is. They know nothing of morals and rely not on their fighters, but on technology and silent tools. When the moment of truth and confrontation comes, they flee, scream, and plead like children, easily hunted down by our fighters, showing no resistance when stormed, he elaborated

In his speech, Abu Obeida stressed that “the enemy uses mercenaries during its operation, which it claims is an existential war.”

He once again called on all the free people of our nation and its fighters to escalate their field actions against the enemy from every front.