Insan Org. condemns crime of running over displaced people, patients in courtyard of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza


Insan Organization for Rights and Liberties strongly on Sunday condemned the horrific and brutal crime committed by the army of the occupying Zionist entity by killing dozens of displaced and sick people, who were in the courtyard of Kamal Adwan Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The organization indicated in a statement that the bulldozers of the Israeli occupation army ran over the tents of the displaced and patients in the courtyard of Kamal Adwan Hospital, killed them and then buried them in a crime that expresses a new level of brutality that does not belong to the modern era and a precedent in modern history.

The statement pointed out that the Israeli brutality supported by the American and Western administration against the Palestinian people goes further every day in violating all international humanitarian laws, and records an unparalleled phenomenon of crime and disregard for human life, and represents an indelible stain on the forehead of all countries and institutions that support this entity as the United States became a spectator of a new Israeli Holocaust in full view of the entire world.

Insan Organization stressed that stopping these crimes is a duty and a responsibility for the entire human rights community, organizations and bodies, led by the United Nations, calling on all concerned to take serious and effective action to monitor and document these crimes, and to take all measures to ensure that they are stopped and that their perpetrators urgently are brought to justice.

resource : Saba