Revolution leader, Mr. Abdul Malik warns of America’s efforts to militarize Red Sea & confirms that Yemen will respond to any targeting of it


The Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, warned of America’s efforts to militarize the Red Sea and threaten international navigation, stressing the responsibility of all countries located on the shores of the Red Sea to move against the aggressive and intrusive American position because of its harm to international navigation.

In his speech on Wednesday regarding the latest developments in Palestine, the Leader of the Revolution called on the countries bordering the Red Sea to take a clear stance against the American position that violates the rights of these countries and threatens their security and stability.

He advised all countries that the American seeks to implicate them not to implicate themselves, and not to sacrifice their interests and lose the security of their navigation in the service of the Zionists. Pointing out that whoever moves with the American and implicates himself in protecting Israeli ships is providing an exclusive service to Israel and harming international navigation.

He said, “The recent American move will not completely deter us from our firm, principled, and moral position that we declared from the beginning alongside the Palestinian people.” Pointing out that the American move is not new, as it has moved battleships, aircraft carriers, and all its capabilities from the beginning, but it is now seeking to implicate others.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed that the Yemeni people will not stand idly by if the Americans have a tendency to escalate further and commit foolishness by targeting the country or launching a war against it, and that any “American targeting of Yemen will be met with targeting of American battleships, interests, and navigation with missiles, drones, and military operations.”

He said: “We are not among those who stand idly by while the enemy targets them. We are a people who reject injustice, rely on God, and do not fear direct American threats and aggression.”

The leader of the revolution asked the Arab countries to “leave Yemen in direct war with the Israeli and American enemies. If they want to dance, let them dance, but not participate militarily or financially with them.” He said: “If the Arabs want to be an audience that applauds the Americans, let them applaud, and if they want to dance to let them dance with the remains of the victims, but do not join the Americans in their war against us.”

He added, “As long as the American wants to enter into a direct war with us, he should know that we are not among those who fear him, and that he is facing an entire people and not a specific group. If he wants to prevent the Yemeni position towards Palestine, then he is in trouble with all the Yemeni people.”

He continued: “If the American sends his soldiers to Yemen, he should know that he will face something harsher than what he faced and suffered in Afghanistan and Vietnam. He should also not imagine that he can strike here or there and then send mediations to calm the situation.”

Mr. Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stressed that the Americans must know that the Zionists of America are seeking to involve it in what is not in its interest but rather in the service of Israel. He pointed out that what the American is doing at sea is a loss for him, as he launches a missile worth two million dollars to confront a drone worth no more than two thousand dollars.

He stated that the Yemeni people have the strength to confront and confront the enemy and remain steadfast in the face of attacks, as the Yemenis have steadfasted for nine years in the face of aggression.

Yemen’s position is correct and principled
The leader of the revolution explained that the Yemeni people took action and took the correct position at all levels and announced the provision of all possible forms of support to the Palestinian people. He said, “Our dear people moved out of faith, moral and religious responsibility to declare war on the Zionist enemy, and move their missile force and drones to target the enemy, and they also moved at the level of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea to prevent the movement of Israeli ships and ships linked to Israel that are trying to deliver supplies to the Israelis.”

He added, “We have submitted a request to the countries that geographically separate us from occupied Palestine to open land crossings through which hundreds of thousands of our people can move to Palestine. Our people also continue to provide financial donations to the Palestinian people despite the very difficult living conditions because we are essentially a besieged people and are still in a state of war.”

He continued, “At the level of the political position, our position was supportive, and our media front moved mainly to support the Palestinian people and their mujahideen. As for the level of marches, our people come out every Friday in millions filling the squares, and the masses roar with their voices and their declared and clear positions, chanting the chant of innocence and the cry in the face of the arrogant people with this bold and clear slogan, this is a position that rises to the level of responsibility.”

He pointed out that the popular movement in Yemen may be unparalleled at the level of the Arab and Islamic world and even the rest of the world, as it is a position that enjoys great consensus among the people, even more than national issues, as the Yemeni people’s consensus regarding the aggression against it was not the same as it is regarding the Palestinian issue and supporting the Palestinian people and the mujahideen in Gaza.

The leader of the revolution stated that the issue is not a movement related to a specific group of the Yemeni people, but rather an official and popular movement that expresses the will of the people even in the occupied governorates controlled by the aggression coalition, and this expresses the position, conscience and values of the Yemeni people that are consistent with their principles, affiliation, freedom and faith identity. If some positions of some mercenaries are deviant, they do not reflect the people and their will.

He stated that the Yemeni people clearly expressed in Al-Sabeen Square, through the two million public attendance, expressing this position and the high ceiling for this position. He said: “What the Yemeni people hope and demand is greater than what we are currently doing, but we are doing what we can and seeking to do what is greater and more severe against the Zionist enemy.”

Efforts to develop Yemen’s military capabilities
The Leader of the Revolution revealed the current efforts and endeavors to develop Yemen’s military capabilities in light of what some forces in the region are doing to confront the strikes directed at the Israeli enemy.

He said: “Sometimes four countries, including Arab countries and military forces, in addition to the enemy entity, try to prevent our drones and missiles from reaching their targets.

He expressed his regret over some Arab countries enlisting with the Zionist enemy and using their military capabilities to protect it from Yemeni missiles instead of moving to protect the Palestinian people. He added, “We seek to develop our capabilities to overcome any obstacles and achieve their goals so that this rises to the level of responsibility and meets the desire and will of the Yemeni people and their clear position against the Zionist enemy in its criminal aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza. We did not target any other country, and we have been patient with the objection operations carried out by some Arab countries and did not target them.”

He continued, “Our goal and our approach is to support the Palestinian people, the residents of Gaza, and its mujahideen, and this is a right and legitimate position,” indicating that “the Americans, the British, and those with them come to our region and our seas and support the Zionist enemy in its crimes, and then they denounce the actions of others in the humanitarian position.”

The leader of the revolution stressed that the unjust and criminal position is the American-British position, as the situation reached the point that some American officials submitted their resignation after feeling ashamed of what America is doing… indicating that the demonstrations took place in America, France and Britain to denounce the official approach there, as this approach is what contradicts People’s interests and values.

He pointed out that the position of the Yemeni people is the honorable position and the correct position that is consistent with the faith and humanitarian responsibility of our people. He said, “Shame on America, Britain, France, Italy and all countries for standing with the Zionist enemy in its killing of children and women and its very heinous crimes.”

He added, “We are not ashamed of our position, but rather we seek to reach it to the maximum extent possible without embarrassment or hesitation, and we see it as a position worthy of sacrifices, whatever they may be.” He stressed that the position of the Yemeni people in the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Red Sea is to prevent the movement of Israeli ships or those associated with it, it is an effective and influential position.

He mentioned that some ignorant and vile people were mocking the position of the Yemeni people at sea, until the Zionist enemy became angry about it and shouted about its impact on their economy. The Americans and the arms of the Zionist lobby were shouting about the position of the Yemeni people in preventing Israeli ships from crossing the Red and Arabian seas… stressing that the field It is open to the movement of commercial ships in the Red and Arab seas, the Gulf of Aden and Bab al-Mandab, and the movement of ships has continued in the hundreds.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that Yemen’s move does not target international ships and does not harm international navigation. The target is exclusively Israeli ships or those linked to Israel. He said, “We target ships that are either owned by the Israelis, or they own part of them, or go to the ports of occupied Palestine, bringing supplies to the Zionist enemy.”

He added, “Our effective and influential position was prompted by the Israeli enemy and asked its partners in the crimes of genocide to move in the Red Sea to prevent this move… Pointing out that the American was moving from the beginning in the sea and sought to protect the passing Israeli ships and his battleships were moving to protect them, but what he was seeking was Now he implicates others with him in this matter, indicating that the American move is not a move to protect international navigation in Bab al-Mandab. The greatest danger is the American move that seeks to militarize the Red Sea.

The Zionist enemy continues to commit the most heinous crimes
The Leader of the Revolution indicated that, for 75 days, the Zionist-Jewish-Israeli enemy continues its brutal, criminal, barbaric aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, committing the most heinous and shameful crimes, which are the crimes of genocide and the mass killing of children, women, adults and children, as thousands of the Palestinian people were killed.

He pointed out that the Zionist enemy targets the Palestinian people with all means of extermination, killing by all brutal means, starvation, siege, and denying them food and medicine, to the point that it made hospitals declared main targets for its ground and field operations as if they were military bases, in an unprecedented behavior.

He stated that countries that are at war usually declare strategic and military bases as their targets, while the Israeli enemy brazenly declares hospitals as the target of its military operation and kills and destroys. When it reaches the hospital, it targets the wounded, the sick, medical personnel, and nurses, and targets civilians with all criminality and brutality, then presents this as a military achievement and brags about it.

Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi stated that the Zionist enemy is targeting, with bombs, missiles, artillery, and tanks, homes, markets, and displaced persons’ gatherings, until the outcome of its brutal crimes every 24 hours has become hundreds of martyrs, most of whom are children and women… indicating that the Israeli enemy continues in its brutality, and when it fails in a field battle, it resorts to for indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza.

He pointed out that the state of starvation in Gaza had reached the level of recording deaths from hunger, and the complete prevention of access to medicines. The Zionist targeting included even infants and premature infants in hospital care departments, with a criminal tendency that expresses the reality of the Jewish Zionists, what they are like in their beliefs and behavior, and the hatred and extreme hostility they carry and are devoid of all human feeling.

Unlimited American support for the Zionist enemy
The Leader of the Revolution confirmed that the Americans are partners in this aggression that began 74 days ago against Gaza, as the Americans participated directly from the first moment and sent their military experts and advisors to directly manage the military operations and be the ones who plan and supervise the implementation and the ones who follow up on the implementation of these crimes and attacks.

He stated that the American provided the Zionist enemy with thousands of destructive bombs that target civilians and residential neighborhoods, as well as internationally prohibited weapons, including white phosphorus bombs, and provided it with material support in the amount of billions of dollars to finance these military operations and sent drones and reconnaissance aircraft to contribute at the level of direct information and provided all forms of support and cooperation.

He stated that, in addition to all forms of military and financial support, the Americans provided political support to the enemy entity and protection in the regional environment of Palestine, and they threatened all countries in the region against any cooperation with the Palestinian people in order to create sufficient conditions for the Zionist enemy to commit whatever crimes it wanted without objection or obstruction from anyone.

He said, “Even at the level of humanitarian support and the introduction of food and medicine to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, nothing is allowed to enter except after American and Israeli approval, and it must be in a very limited manner that does not satisfy the livelihood of the people of Gaza. The Americans also threatened the countries of the region not to intervene to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza.”

He continued: “When we see the tragic scenes of thousands of children and women killed by American bombs and the state of extreme hunger, we must remember the American contribution to all of this, and that America is another arm of global Jewish Zionism, to which the American president boasted of his affiliation and that he is moving according to that premise.”

The leader of the revolution pointed out that those who move in America to support Israel in what it is doing to the Palestinian people are the American Zionists. The Zionist-Jewish lobby moves America even in ways that go beyond its interests, harms it in the world, and presents it in a hideous, criminal form, while it supports injustice and tyranny that is added to its criminal and terrible record.

He pointed out that the American has transformed its bases in the region to be a support for the Zionist enemy, all of its weapons stores, and every resolution under the title of a ceasefire in the United Nations that the American objects to and insists on the continuation of killing and crimes in Gaza… indicating that the American who presented himself under the title of being a sponsor of peace In the Middle East, he objects to any ceasefire decision in Gaza and insists on killing civilians in Palestine.

He stated that the American prevents any movement to protect civilians in Palestine, and obstructs any efforts to provide the Palestinian people with the food and medicine they need.

He stated that the British movement, which had the lead in establishing the Zionist entity from the beginning, is constantly moving today in support of the Zionist enemy. He said, “We also see in supporting the Zionists the movement of some European countries, including France, Italy, and Germany, each of which has a dark history and a hideous criminal record.”

He stated that the regimes and governments that support the enemy entity have a black criminal record, and are known for their moral and ethical bankruptcy, and they are the ones that have expunged morals and values from their political dictionary… indicating that when the Zionist lobby moves Western regimes, they make them deny even liberal values, it moves as if its crazy, without any human values and as a product of jungle policies.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the responsibility is great on the Islamic world, especially in the Arab region, which is the heart of the Islamic world, and the responsibility is on all Muslims, even those in Western countries, considering Palestine a part of them at the level of geography and people, to take serious action to support the Palestinian people and prevent this injustice as a religious, moral and humanitarian responsibility based on their affiliation to Islam and its principles, values and morals.

He explained that some Arab countries severed their relations with countries from the West because they said a word in describing their behavior or insulted a king or prince… indicating that countries that act harshly against any Arab or Muslim country, we see in a state of complete apathy towards the nation’s major issues, such as the oppression of the Palestinian people. .

He said, “These countries have reached the point where they are preoccupied with dancing, singing, dog competitions, and very trivial things, ignoring the major massacres in Palestine.” He stressed that it is a great responsibility for all Muslims to have a voice and take serious positions in the same way that they support any cause they interact and are passionate about seriously, and to provide financial support and even military support.

He said, “Sometimes ugly voices appear in Arab countries to blame the Palestinian people and their mujahideen and insult any position that supports them. The Arab countries were not satisfied with shirking responsibility in supporting the Palestinian people, but rather began to gloat over them and their mujahideen, insult them, and distort any support for them.”

He added, “We do not expect any positive role from America and European countries for the benefit of the Palestinian people, as they are always in a position of injustice, tyranny, arrogance, and plundering peoples.”

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the position at the general level, including the Riyadh summit, was a weak position, just statements containing a demand and everything ends after the statement… indicating that the axis of resistance stands at the level of military, media and popular support and going out in marches, while in some Arab countries it was even prohibited demonstrations.

He stressed that the axis of resistance stands at the level of military, media and popular support and going out in marches, while in some Arab countries even demonstrations were banned.

He asked, “Is there a scholarly movement by those who were issuing fatwas on the necessity of jihad if the issue was strife in Syria or targeting the Yemeni or Iraqi people and others? Where is the scholarly voice that issued fatwas that jihad was necessary in support of the Palestinian people? What justifies their silence, ignoring, and even blaming the Palestinian people and their mujahideen?”

The leader of the revolution stressed that the more the Yemeni people were at war, the stronger they became, and the more the enemies attacked them, the more they developed their military capabilities to confront them. He said, “The enemy does not hope that it is possible for our people to submit. Our position is firm, but we advise others to beware of getting involved with the American and to leave him to get himself involved.”

He addressed the European countries by saying, “There is no danger to your ships that do not go to the enemy entity, but when you get involved with the Americans, you are risking your interests in every sense of the word.”

He expressed the hope that the Islamic world, in light of the continued American and Israeli tyranny over Gaza, would review their calculations and adopt stronger positions than they are…praising the Malaysian position that banned one of the Zionist companies from its ports and prevented it from practicing any activity in its ports.

Gaza’s steadfastness expresses a will of faith The leader of the revolution pointed out that the steadfastness of the brothers in Gaza is a great steadfastness that expresses a will of faith and of mujahideen who depend on God, trust in Him, believe in their cause, and possess morals that qualify them for steadfastness and dedication. He said, “The mujahideen in Gaza are abusing the Zionist enemy and killing its soldiers, perhaps this issue does not receive the media coverage it deserves, but it is an honorable matter that represents hope for victory.”

He added, “We say to the Palestinian people and to the proud Mujahideen brothers in Gaza. You are not alone. God is with you and He is the best of helpers. Our Yemeni people are with you in everything they can.”

He addressed the people and the Palestinian resistance: “The American position, nor the threat from the American or anyone else will deter us from our stand beside you. All the free people of our nation are at your side. The axis of resistance is present in important and active roles. Hezbollah is on a raging front in northern Palestine at your side.”

He stated that all the peoples of the world who have some human conscience left cheer for the Palestinian people and their oppression… and he said, “Have faith in the victory of God Almighty, and no matter how far the enemy persists in its crimes, your steadfastness and jihad are a reason for divine victory, along with your oppression and suffering, which are in the eyes of God.”

Mr. Commander confirmed that the American seeks to protect the Israeli ships because he wants crimes to continue in Gaza. Otherwise, the correct solution is to stop the aggression and the siege on Gaza. Whatever the American position in supporting the Zionist enemy, he will lose if the Israeli loses. Therefore, no matter the extent of the suffering, the oppressed will gain victory.

He reiterated that the position of the Yemeni people continues, and it is the correct position that all countries of the world must adopt, which is to demand an end to the aggression against Gaza. He explained that the American move in the Red Sea is an illegal move, but rather aggression, crime, bullying, and brutal behavior that seeks to serve the Israelis.

He urged the Yemeni people to continue all activities and be prepared for all eventualities. He said, “Our dear people adopted their position diligently and honestly, not a tactical position. The enemy must know what we mean by a position of faith and positions based on faith, and our people will not hesitate or back down from their position as a result of threats, intimidation, and pressure.”

The leader of the revolution concluded his speech by emphasizing that, “No matter what the Americans do against our people, we rely on God and confront the Americans. We prefer a direct war with the Americans and the Zionist enemy.”