Defense Minister says Sana’a has new military options to use against Zionist Entity


Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi in Sana’a government, affirmed that the revolutionary, political, and military leadership has multiple options in the event of continued aggression, siege, and genocide against the Palestinian people.

During his visit to the Fifth Military Zone and his meeting with the leaders of the fronts, brigades, and military units in the region on Friday, Minister Al-Atifi stated, “Our eyes are monitoring and closely following the movements of the entity worldwide.”

He added, “The Armed Forces have imposed a new equation at the regional and global levels against the brutal tyranny of the Zionist entity, which has shed the blood of people in Gaza and throughout Palestine.”

He pointed out that the Zionist enemy focuses on killing children, women, and the wounded, supported by the forces of global arrogance led by Washington, London, Paris, and all forces of evil towards the nation.

“We, in Yemen, as a people, leadership, and political forces agree that national sovereignty encompasses military sovereignty, security sovereignty, national decision-making, and sovereignty over wealth and geography, and does not accept manipulation,” Minister Al-Atifi affirmed.

He stressed that Yemen is defending Arab and Islamic national security, and the actions of the Yemeni Armed Forces serve the interests of countries working to liberate themselves from the domination of the Zionist entity and the United States on a global scale.

“The enemies planned and executed the aggression against Yemen through a coalition of more than 17 countries to prevent what Yemen is currently doing by standing in solidarity with our people in Palestine, targeting sensitive objectives of the entity on occupied Palestinian territories, and besieging their ports,” he added.

He continued, saying, “There are countries that cannot even consider using force because the situation requires brave and strategic decisions. The leader of the nation, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, possesses courage, audacity, and independent decision-making.

Minister Al-Atifi further stated, “Normalization will not solve the Palestinian issue; rather, they are a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and people. The resolutions lie in revolutions, confrontation, and unifying the ranks of the nation, which will solve all problems in the region, including the Palestinian issue.”

He considered what the Yemeni Armed Forces have done as the beginning of a series of supportive actions and procedures to support Gaza and its people.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Youssef Al-Madani, the commander of the Fifth Military Zone, delivered a speech emphasizing the awareness of all members of the zone, including leaders, officers, and soldiers, regarding the sensitivity of the current phase and the nature of the assigned tasks.

Brigadier General Al-Madani stated that the fighters of the Fifth Military Zone are now more prepared, vigilant, and eager to confront the Zionists and those who are fighting with them. They will not spare anyone who considers surrendering to them or executing their plans on the western coast.

In turn, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Qadri, the commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade and director of the Naval College, clarified that everyone is prepared for all possibilities with effective and influential options.