MR.Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: America provokes wars & problems in region with its terrorist actions


Member of the Supreme Political Council Muhammad Ali al-Houthi stressed that America is the one that provokes wars and problems in the region, with its acts of terrorism.

Muhammad Ali al-Houthi said in a dialogue with Al-Mayadeen Channel: “America stands by, encourages, supports and participates in the Zionist entity. It must be confronted with this tyranny, arrogance, enlargement and American ascendancy, which is the cause of the problems of the region, it was also the cause of problems in Gaza and Palestine, and had also managed the war and aggression against Yemen.

He noted that the so-called international alliance is to protect Israeli vessels and not to protect international navigation. “When the American calls for the militarization of the Red Sea, he asserts that he wants to prevent maritime navigation inside the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden or Bab al-Mandeb, the declaration itself confirms that the American no longer has any prospect of moving in support of his massacres and extermination.” He added.

The member of the Supreme Political Council continued: “The image of the American is distorted, he has become known as a demon, he is killed for murder as his protégé Israel is. By announcing on his own, he sent a warning message to international navigation, which also comes under pressure from Israeli companies working in insurance, who urge him to do these things.”

He called on all those interested in the issue of Palestine to withdraw money from American banks as well as banks supporting occupied Jews in Palestine, in order to increase pressure and stop the battle against the Palestinian people.