Over 27,000 Martyrs, Missing, Over 53,000 Injured in Israeli Ongoing Aggression on Gaza


The Israeli continuous aggression on Gaza has resulted in 27,258 martyrs and missing persons, along with approximately 53,700 wounded.

According to the Gaza Government Media Office, the enemy has committed 1,720 massacres, leading to the loss of 27,258 lives, including numerous displaced centers, emphasizing that these significant numbers require a radical solution to end their ongoing suffering.

The statement further highlighted the urgent need for aid and supplies, with 355,000 documented cases affected by infectious diseases due to displacement.

The media office clarified that the occupation has destroyed 126 government facilities, along with 92 schools and universities rendered completely inoperative, and 285 educational institutions partially affected.

The enemy fully demolished 115 mosques and partially destroyed 200 others, in addition to targeting 3 churches.

Regarding residential unit damages, the occupation demolished 55,000 residential units completely and partially impacted 258,000, totaling 313,000 housing units.

The assault on the medical system led to the targeting of 23 hospitals and 53 health centers, putting them out of service, along with affecting 140 health institutions’ operations, and causing complete damage to 100 ambulances.

The media office affirmed that the field execution crimes committed by the enemy’s army against dozens of Palestinian civilians are serious war crimes punishable by all international laws, citing “horrifying testimonies” provided by eyewitnesses regarding the occupation’s field execution crimes.

In light of this, the media office urged the United States and the international community to take direct responsibility as they gave the green light for the occupation to commit these crimes and supplied it with various weapons. They have repeatedly refused to halt the brutal war on Gaza.

The statement added, “We demand an immediate halt to the flowing bloodshed in Gaza and the urgent cessation of the genocide.”

The media office emphasized that relief aid has only covered 2% of Gaza’s massive needs during this brutal war, demanding the opening of the Rafah border and all crossings and the daily entry of 1,000 trucks carrying genuine supplies and aids, as well as a million liters of fuel daily. They also requested the entry of rescue equipment, emergency aid, and civil defense equipment to try to salvage what can be saved in Gaza, which is plunging towards catastrophe.

Amid the ongoing enemy attacks on hospitals, it has destroyed hospitals in Gaza City and North Gaza, rendering them completely out of service. Additionally, 101 medical staff members, including Dr. Mohammed Abu Salameh, the General Manager of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kahlout, the Director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, and Dr. Ahmed Mahna, the Director of Al-Awda Hospital, have been arrested. The media office urged all international organizations to condemn these crimes and pressure the occupation to stop its planned eradication of the healthcare sector in all Gaza governorates.

It urged Arab and Islamic countries to deploy fully equipped field hospitals to save tens of thousands of injured and sick individuals and to transfer thousands of seriously wounded individuals to their hospitals for treatment. They called for serious efforts to restore and rehabilitate dozens of hospitals and medical centers, returning them to service.

The media office warned international institutions and organizations against complicity in enforcing the policy of starvation and thirst against the Palestinian people, cautioning them about the spread of famine in all Gaza governorates.

It urged these entities to play their essential and effective roles, as there are 1.8 million displaced individuals in Gaza threatened significantly in terms of food, water, and medicine security.

The media office appealed to the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and all free world countries for immediate action to find a solution to the humanitarian disaster related to the loss of 313,000 families and their housing units caused by the Israeli occupation army.

Israel waged the devastating war on Gaza on October 7 after the territory’s Palestinian resistance movements carried out a surprise retaliatory attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, against the occupying entity over its intensified violence against Palestinians.