The Israeli Federation of Industries warns of food shortages due to Yemeni naval operations


The Israeli Food Industries Federation warned of a food shortage due to the specific operations carried out by the Yemeni naval forces against Israeli ships and ships heading to the Israeli entity, according to what was reported by the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv”, on Monday.

The Union of Industrialists, along with the Food Industries Federation in the Israeli entity, called for holding an emergency session of the Economics Committee in the Knesset to discuss “food security” in light of the war and ensuring the supply chain and emergency stocks, especially after the Yemeni army cut off maritime transportation through Bab al-Mandab to the ports of occupied Palestine and imposed a blockade. Bahri completely shut down the port of Eilat.

The Federation of Food Industries in the Israeli entity warned of a severe food shortage, claiming that if the enemy government did not take steps, “Israel” would be facing a severe crisis, especially with the continuation of the war.

The Israeli Federation indicated that the “Israeli” government must define an organized strategy within which goals are set that guarantee local production of no less than 75% of the required and basic food needs.