3200 days of Saudi-US Aggression on Yemen


The Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development human rights organization in Yemen’s Sanaa, revealed a harrowing report showing that 49,340 civilians have been killed or injured during the relentless 3,200 days of Saudi-US aggression against Yemen.

This staggering toll includes 18,298 individuals who tragically lost their lives, while another 31,042 sustained severe injuries.

Meanwhile, the center showed that 4,107 children were killed and 4,901 others were left with life-altering injuries during this period.

Furthermore, the organization revealed that the war on Yemen resulted in the death of 2,475 women and 11,716 men, while injuries were at 3,029 and 23,112 respectively.

Destroyed infrastructure
During the past eight years of war, the coalition also engaged in systemic targeting and destruction of Yemen’s vital civilian infrastructure to subdue the country and its people.

According to the report, a total of 622 communication networks and stations, 3,290 water tanks and stations, 2,126 governmental facilities, and 7,794 roads and bridges have been mercilessly targeted during this period.

Additionally, the aggression extended to targeting 15 airports, 16 ports, and 351 power stations and generators, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. The coalition also struck and severly damaged 413 factories, 395 fuel tankers, and 12,387 commercial establishments.

Residential areas and civilian institutions bore the brunt of the war on Yemen, with 612,170 homes, 185 educational institutions, 1,813 mosques, 390 tourist facilities, 425 hospitals, and health facilities being directly impacted.

The war has also inflicted damage on education, culture, and heritage, with 1,314 schools and educational facilities, 12,503 agricultural fields, 267 sports facilities, 267 archaeological sites, and 63 media institutions affected.

Food supplies not spared
The agricultural and commuting sectors have also suffered from the brutality of the Saudi-US aggression, with 476 poultry and livestock farms, 10,691 means of transportation, and 485 fishing boats being targeted.

Even essential food supplies have not been spared, with 1,038 food storage facilities, 431 fuel stations, 709 markets, and 1,129 food trucks targeted during the years of aggression.

Peace discussions have been taking place in the past few months between Sanaa and Saudi Arabia. Promising developments have been made, as stated by officials from both the Yemeni government and the Kingdom, which saw multiple prisoner exchange deals take place.

Yet, unresolved matters still stand in the way of ending the aggression on Yemen, mainly Saudi Arabia stalling of the lifting the blockade and siege off the country, which was the defining factor that led to several regions witnessing a famine, and other areas lacking basic humanitarian needs.