Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns US attack on Yemeni naval boats


Yemen’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the recent American attack on Yemeni naval boats and urged Washington to exercise restraint while seeking to amend its reputation among the people of the region.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the action of American helicopters targeting three Yemeni naval boats, resulting in the tragic loss of ten members of the Yemeni naval forces. These forces were engaged in routine duties, preventing ships associated with the Israeli enemy or destined for it. Their mission aimed to halt the Zionist entity’s aggression against the Gaza Strip and facilitate the unimpeded entry of humanitarian aid, medicines, food, and fuel.

The Ministry’s statement underscored that the unjustified American assault on Yemeni boats would not dissuade Yemen’s leadership and populace from extending unwavering support to the Palestinian cause. It demanded that Washington accept responsibility for its flagrant aggression, warning that the consequences of the US’s unconditional support for the Israeli enemy would extend beyond a specific region, posing increased threats to global peace and security.

The statement concluded by urging Washington to prioritize rationality, wisdom, and the reconstruction of its image among the people of the Middle East, especially concerning its vested interests. It called for initiating this process by halting Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and refraining from obstructing the Yemeni-Saudi agreement