Parliament condemns US escalation in Red Sea


The Yemeni Parliament has strongly condemned the recent escalations initiated by the United States in the Red Sea, despite Yemen’s clear stance “ensuring the safety of international navigation, allowing passage without hindrance except for Israeli ships or those heading to the occupied Palestinian ports, as part of Yemen’s ethical and humanitarian commitment, conditioned upon ending the aggression and blockade on the Palestinian people.”

Stating that the US targeting of Yemeni vessels is part of a broader agenda to heighten tensions in the Arab region, the Parliament has issued a stern warning. It highlights the inherent risk posed by the activities of US forces to the security of international navigation in both the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea.

Emphasizing Yemen’s inherent right to safeguard its sovereignty, islands, and maritime territories from external threats, including those from the US and its allies, the Parliament unequivocally labels their presence as an occupation. It urges the international community to address this occupation firmly and decisively.

The Parliament urges Arab and Islamic nations to fulfill their religious, humanitarian, and moral obligations in supporting the besieged Palestinian people. It commends the Yemeni government’s steadfast support for Palestinians and urges immediate action to halt Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Furthermore, the Parliament calls upon global parliamentary bodies, nations, and champions of liberty to unite and pursue justice against Zionist war criminals through international judicial channels. It appreciates the supportive stance of Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and hopes for continued solidarity toward the Palestinian cause and broader national issues.