Yemeni Commander Vows Swift and Devastating Response to American and Zionist Enemies


Commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade, Major General Mohammed Al-Qaderi, affirmed that the Yemeni Armed Forces and Navy will not let the blood of their martyrs go in vain. He issued a warning to the American and Zionist enemies, asserting that the response would be imminently swift and decisive, targeting appropriate sites with fitting force.

Al-Qaderi disclosed to Al-Masirah channel that the Americans falsely claim to safeguard commercial ships while they essentially protect vessels en route to the Zionist entity, responsible for the calculated killings of Palestinian civilians.

He questioned the reasone of presence of American warships in the Red Sea, insinuating that their primary objective is to safeguard Zionist vessels and assert dominance over Arab and Islamic nations, serving the interests of American and Zionist powers.

Additionally, Al-Qaderi emphasized that the martyrs from the naval forces, attacked by American warplanes during their maritime duties, won’t be forgotten or ignored.

“We acknowledge only the American enemy, and the blood of our ten martyrs will be met with ten thousandfold,” Al-Qaderi stated firmly, asserting the intensified response against the US as the singular adversary in the Red Sea.

He assured the Yemeni populace and the global community that a befitting and resounding retaliation will soon assuage their anguish.

On Sunday, the Yemeni Armed Forces revealed that US forces attacked three vessels owned by the Yemeni Navy while they were fulfilling their humanitarian and ethical duties.

Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, confirmed in a military statement the martyrdom of 10 members of the Yemeni Navy due to the American aggression.

Sare’e stressed that the US would face the consequences and aftermath of this crime. He further mentioned that the American military presence in the Red Sea aimed at shielding Israeli ships would not deter Yemen from fulfilling its religious, moral, and humanitarian obligations in supporting Palestine and Gaza.

The Yemeni Armed Forces urged other nations to avoid engaging in perilous behavior aligned with American actions, warning of negative repercussions that could impact everyone.