MR.Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi warns countries against involvement with the US Against Yemen


Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali al-Houthi cautioned any nation aligning with the Americans in attacks against Yemen, highlighting the jeopardy such involvement poses to their interests and maritime safety.

Al-Houthi reiterated Yemen’s prior advisory stance, urging countries to abstain from association with the US, emphasizing the heightened inclination of the US to embroil others in their actions.

Addressing the US assault on Yemeni naval vessels engaged in their official duties to secure maritime routes and uphold humanitarian obligations by blocking ships linked to the Israeli adversary or specifically bound for occupied Palestinian ports, Al-Houthi underscored the attack’s context within the ongoing genocidal actions perpetrated by the Zionist enemy against Gaza’s residents, including the enduring blockade and suffering of children and women.

He squarely blamed the US for the harsh ramifications and fallout resulting from this egregious criminal attack.

Al-Houthi affirmed that despite this assault, the Yemeni people, Armed Forces, and official establishments remain resolute in their mission of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

He reaffirmed Yemen’s steadfast commitment, considering this endeavor a sacred jihad for the sake of Allah, the Almighty.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the American aggression would only fortify the determination and resilience of the Yemeni populace.