MR.Mohammed Al-Houthi calls on Netherlands not to be drawn into battle in Red Sea


Member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, called on the Netherlands not to be drawn into a battle in the Red Sea, and to put pressure on “Israel” to stop its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with Dutch television NOS, the member of the Supreme Political Council reiterated that the Yemeni demands to stop genocide, terrorism and aggression against the people of Gaza and the Palestinian people and to lift the siege are purely humanitarian demands.

He said: “If the Dutch want to work to secure international navigation and prevent the outbreak of wars, they must put pressure on Israel to stop its aggression and lift the siege on two million and one hundred thousand people inside Gaza, both Muslims and Christians.”

The senior political member said, “America was unable to do anything today, and it is too incapable to be in another alliance, and the more warships there are in the Red Sea, the easier it will be for our armed forces.”

In the interview, the senior political member addressed several issues that confirm the steadfastness of the position of the Republic of Yemen in supporting the Palestinian people and developments in the situation in the Red and Arab Bahrain and the Bab al-Mandab Strait.