Ansarullah Political Bureau strongly condemns the assassination of Commander Al-Arouri


The Political Bureau of Ansarullah strongly condemned the heinous crime of assassination committed by the Israeli enemy against the martyr, Commander Saleh Al-Arouri, and two Al-Qassam commanders, with a drone in Beirut.

In a statement, the Political Bureau considered this targeting a brutal and cowardly crime that reflects the level of bankruptcy, decadence and criminality to which the criminal Zionist entity has reached. He explained that this crime represents a violation of all international laws and humanitarian norms, and it also provides additional bloody evidence of the level of Israeli brutality and barbarism and is part of the series of murder and crime committed by the Zionist enemy on a daily basis against the Palestinian people. It stressed that the Israeli enemy would not have dared to do this crime without the American support .

The statement indicated that the martyr Saleh Al-Arouri was one of the leaders of the Palestinian jihad and resistance, and had a prominent role in the heroic operation (Al-Aqsa Flood) against the criminal Zionist entity, expressing condolences to the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, the Palestinian people, and the peoples of the nation for the martyrdom of Leader Al-Arouri and his companions.

Ansarullah Political Bureau affirmed that the blood of the martyrs will not be in vain, and that the sacrifices will yield victory and glory, and that this pure blood will ignite fires in the heart of the Zionist entity, and that it represents fuel for the peoples of the nation for effective jihadist action in confronting the Zionist entity until its defeat, and the liberation of Palestine and the Islamic sanctities.