Minister of Defense: Yemeni armed forces response to American attack will be harsh


The caretaker Minister of Defense, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atifi, confirmed that the response of the Yemeni armed forces to the American attack against members of the naval forces will be harsh and capable of pain and suffering, and with combat methods that exceed their capabilities and military calculations.

This came in a speech delivered by the emotional minister at today’s meeting, which included the leadership of the Fifth Military Region and the military divisions and specializations in the region.

He said, “Let it be understood by the American, the British, and the French that we do not accept injustice, nor do we accept being touched by the hand of a tampering or adventurous person. We are a people who are difficult to obey and strong in adversity. And whoever is driven by his misfortune and his judgment to mess with us has no one to blame but himself.”

He added, “The members and heroes of the Yemeni Armed Forces in general and the members of the Fifth Military District in particular must be fully aware of the developments in the current military position that has been taken and announced with religious, national, Islamic and humanitarian alignment in supporting the brothers in steadfast Gaza with what this position means regarding the entitlements of confrontation and the requirements of the historical battle, and that everyone comprehends with high positivity and complete readiness for the offensive and defensive confrontations of the coming and decisive battle with the American-Zionist enemy.”

The Minister of Defense continued, “The experiences and history of confronting nine years of aggression, destruction, mobilization, siege, and an economic war full of many lessons revealed the fragility of the aggressors. Our people emerged with strength and faith from under the rubble and wrote, with their steadfastness and steadfastness, the first lines of our great victory, the evidence of this is the high capabilities that we possess, full sovereignty, and equality free from guardianship and dependency”.

He explained that the combat doctrine of the Yemeni Armed Forces today went beyond the necessary plans to win the tactical battle, achieve field military victory, and defeat enemies on land, sea and air.

He stressed the extreme importance of military specializations in preparation and training according to specific military qualification courses, as it is the backbone of possessing high military craftsmanship and professionalism that guarantees the Yemeni forces excellence and combat capability that enables them to manage combat and battles with high efficiency and qualitative combat capability.

Major General Al-Atifi discussed the line of combat and tactical military confrontation, identifying long and near targets, strong and effective rules of engagement, managing battles, expected results, and taking all future measures.

He said, “The American and Zionist enemy thought that the global space had been emptied of any influence and that it was capable of committing brutal crimes and massacres against the children and women of Gaza and would not find anyone to tell it enough. God Almighty chose the people of Yemen to be in the position of truth and justice and at the forefront of the situation and victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people facing the world.”

He added, “Our confidence in God Almighty is great, because we follow the truth and support justice, and our confidence is growing in the leader of the Islamic nation, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, who made the right and appropriate decision in accordance with a clear vision in the circle of conflict planned by the Zionist intelligence services and the forces allied with them.”

Al-Atifi Major General went on, “Mr. Commander thwarted all the enemies’ bets and their hostile and conspiratorial agenda. He confused the Zionist calculations and issued firm orders to direct strong strikes against the usurping Zionist entity, whether through missiles and drones or by pursuing Zionist ships and ships cooperating with them or that want to go to the occupied Palestinian ports.”

He also stressed that international laws are a cover for lies and foolishness that America, Britain and France attack whenever they want and resort to them to use positions that serve their policies. He added, “What Gaza is witnessing and the crimes and massacres affecting its defenseless residents are a disgrace to the international community and human rights organizations and evidence of the duality of positions.”

The Minister of Defense concluded his speech by saying, “We say to the Zionists and those who support them that the Red Sea has turned into a trap for them, and their siege is in place until they abandon their siege and crimes against our Palestinian Arab Muslim people.”

resource : Saba