President Mashat: Naval forces’ martyrs spark new battle with American enemy, response imminent


Yemen’s President Mahdi al-Mashat emphasized that the Americans’ crime against Naval Forces will not go unanswered, promising a robust response and warning of the unprecedented price they will pay for their recklessness.

During a Saturday meeting attended by Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Al-Atifi, General Staff Chief Major General Mohammed Al-Ghomari, military leaders, regional figures, and security officials, President Mashat insisted that the Americans have a chance to rectify the situation by handing over the killers of ten Naval Forces for trial in Yemen. If they fail to do so, they should expect an inevitable and imminent response.

President Mashat praised the combat readiness and morale of the heroic fighters. He commended the mujahideen and their significant military operations in battles, showing support for Gaza’s brethren.

“We have significant responsibilities during this phase, adhering to the directives of leader Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi,” he stated. “As an Arab Muslim people, we reject injustice and oppression and cannot remain silent in the face of crimes against our Palestinian brothers. We stand against Zionist and American aggression; the battle for Gaza is sacred.”

President Mashat reaffirmed that Yemen’s Armed Forces safeguard the Red Sea, backed by 40 million ready fighters, affirming their position in preventing Israeli ships or those headed to Zionist ports until the aggression and siege on Gaza end.

“No Israeli or associated ship will pass; this is our firm stance. Allah is with us, granting victory in this battle,” he declared.

He acknowledged the coordination among Naval Forces, Coastal Defense, Rocketry, and Air Forces, resulting in effective operations.

“If America is committed to protecting the Israeli enemy, we reaffirm that we are committed to protecting and supporting our brothers in Gaza. We are ready, and options remain open,” President al-Mashat asserted.

He condemned the US for challenging international law and the atrocities in Gaza, emphasizing Yemen’s ability to communicate with powerful entities in a language they understand.

He appreciated the Armed Forces’ efforts to enhance readiness, urging intensified efforts for victory and to halt aggression and the Gaza blockade.