MR.Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi : Every Acation will have A Reaction


Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi, confirmed that what the Yemeni armed forces in the Red and Arab Bahrain are doing in preventing ships heading to the Zionist entity comes in support of and support for Gaza and its resistance within the framework of legitimate defense.

“The decision that was adopted regarding the security of navigation in the Red Sea is a political game,” stressing that “the United States is the one violating international law.”

Al-Houthi called for the Israeli entity to “immediately stop all attacks that hinder life and its continuation in Gaza and undermine rights, freedoms, and regional peace and security.”

The Security Council called for “the immediate release of two million and three hundred thousand people from the Israeli-American siege, which has become a deadly weapon, and because of which Gaza has become the largest prison in which collective criminal punishment is practiced.”

Al-Houthi vowed to respond to any attack that the United States might launch against the Yemeni armed forces, stressing that “what the Yemeni armed forces are doing comes within the framework of legitimate defense, and that any action they face will have a reaction.”

He held “the countries responsible for attacking, defending, and protecting the usurping entity that commits massacres under the protection of America and Britain, which, along with Israel, are violating international law.”