Dozens of civilian casualties in Gaza as Israel’s genocide marks 103 days


Dozens of Palestinians today and last night were killed and wounded, following the ongoing Israeli airstrikes targeting several areas in the Gaza Strip, according to medical and local sources.

Sources said that civil defense and ambulance crews retrieved the bodies of at least 25 people and dozens of wounded individuals following an Israeli airstrike targeting multiple homes in the Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City. They also recovered the bodies of 7 people after the occupation vehicles withdrew from the vicinity of Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli fighters bombed a house belonging to the Al-Namrouti family, resulting in the killing of 4 Palestinians.

Another Israeli airstrike targeted a house for the Safi family, leading to the tragic death of three others. Additionally, a number of citizens were wounded following an Israeli bombardment of houses belonging to the Hamdan and Muhaisen families.

The occupation artillery targeted Al-Manara neighborhood, Batn Al-Sameen, and the center and south of Khan Yunis. The area east of Jabalia camp was also bombed by Israeli military forces.

Israeli military air force further carried out intense airstrikes targeting Ansar complex and the port west of Gaza City

Medical sources warned of serious health complications to which chronic patients are exposed, as 350,000 chronic patients are without medication in the Gaza Strip.

A large number of people are still missing under rubble and on the roads, and ambulance and civil defense crews are unable to reach them.

For the sixth day in a row, the complete outage of communications and Internet services in the Gaza Strip continues, due to the ongoing Israeli aggression.

This is at least the seventh time that communications have been completely cut off from the Gaza Strip since the start of the aggression on October 7.

Networks and transmission towers were damaged as a result of the massive destruction caused by the aggression to the infrastructure, and the lack of fuel due to the siege. This led to frequent outages, pressure on the network, and weak transmission in various parts of the sector.

In a preliminary toll, the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7 has resulted in at least 24,285 fatalities, more than 70% of whom are women and children, and 61,154 wounded.

Source: Wafa News Agency