Political Office of Ansarullah : There is no practical value for American classification on list of what it calls “terrorism”


Ansarullah political office confirmed that there is no practical value to the American classification on the list of what it calls “terrorism,” noting that Yemen has been subject to an economic blockade by America for years.

The office indicated in a statement, a copy of which was received by Saba, that after its raids with Britain on Yemen, the crime against the naval forces, and their sponsorship of Zionist crimes in Gaza, America deliberately classified what it calls on the “terrorism” list.

He said, “This classification is ridiculous behavior, as your classification comes from a global terrorist state, considering that it is American misinformation and a failed attempt to distort the reputation of Ansarullah and the Yemeni people.” He pointed out that the American classification of Ansarullah at this stage is a badge of honor that they wear for their position in support of the Palestinian people.

The statement stressed that there is no practical value to the American classification, and that America is practically the one behind Yemen’s suffering, with and without classification, indicating that Yemen is essentially subject to an economic blockade by America, and there is targeting of the banking system in Yemen, which has been idle, by the Americans over the past years.

The Ansarullah Political Office pointed out that the alleged classification is an American injustice and misinformation and a failed attempt to distort the reputation of Ansarullah and the Yemeni people. It also perpetuates American aggression against Yemen, which puts Yemen in a state of open war against the global terrorist state.

He added, “What is known is that Ansarullah is not a party, group, or group, and that the Yemeni people from one end to the other carry the Palestinian cause and call for supporting the Palestinian people in every possible way. Accordingly, the American classification extends to all Yemenis.”

The statement declared “absolute rejection of this arrogant measure against a people who have never crossed the borders of their homeland to attack others, have not waged destructive wars for decades against others, have not plundered the wealth of any people, have not established a state on the ruins of the indigenous population, he did not support an occupying settler entity at the expense of another people, as is the case with the American regime and the criminal Zionist regime, both of which are the source of terrorism regionally and internationally.”

He pointed out that the prosecution of the Zionist regime for genocide crimes taking place in the International Court of Justice against Gaza is a living witness to any terrorism against Israel, which is fully supported by the American terrorist regime.

He stressed that Yemen will not accept American policies based on hegemony, control, and blackmail, and that America must realize that its alleged classification concerns itself and that it is not in a position that allows it to speak on behalf of the world, and that its classification violates humanitarian and international laws.

The statement stated that the American administrations are similar to each other, and there is no difference between them, and that they defame the classification paper or cancel it for political goals that serve their own interests… stressing that the reclassification at this stage will not prevent the Yemeni people from continuing to support the Palestinian people and confront Israeli ships or those heading to the ports of Palestine occupied territories until the Israeli aggression stops and the siege on Gaza is lifted.

He pointed out, “There is no threat to international navigation in the Red Sea except from America’s militarization of the Red Sea, and what America is doing is considered an aspect of terrorism against Yemen and against international navigation.”

He also stressed that America does not have the right to determine for Yemen who are its friends and who are its enemies. Yemen is part of this Arab and Islamic nation, and Palestine is a unified issue. Yemen is part of this international family, and its relations with it are based on the rule of “people are of two types: either your brother in religion, or your equal in creation.”

The statement added, “Yemen has no enmity except with those who threaten its security and stability, and whoever attacks it will respond with retaliation, and that is a principle upon which humanity is based on the rule (So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you).” Stressing that the terrorist America must review its positions towards the peoples of the region, and abandon its aggressive policies against Yemen, Palestine, and the entire region.