Sayyed Abdulmalik: US, UK Are Protectors, Sponsors, Supporters of Zionist Terrorism


The leader of the Yemeni revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badreddin al-Houthi called on the Yemeni people to participate in the million-person march in support of the oppressed Palestinian people in Sana’a and in other provinces tomorrow, Friday.

In a speech addressing the latest developments and updates on Thursday, the leader said that participating in protests is a simple matter compared to our religious commitments, which are to the extent that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves.

He also addressed the Yemeni diaspora, whether in America or in Europe, urging them to actively mobilize, hoping that the Yemeni communities abroad will mobilize as much as Yemeni people do in the homeland, in a distinctive movement.

The leader highlighted that the protests and marches in various countries, including Western countries in Europe and America, should continue. He also mentioned that Arab and Islamic communities can lead impactful demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people if they still possess any sense of humanity.

The leader reiterated the warning against indifference towards the plight of the Palestinian people. “The more the siege and starvation continue, the greater the responsibility on Islamic nation,” he said, “Many countries have the ability to boycott American and Israeli goods, and it has a direct impact.”

He stated that at the official Islamic and Arab levels, the official positions have not reached a decisive level, pointing out that economic and diplomatic boycotts are practical and effective stances.

“If others [US, Western regimes] are motivated by their Zionist commitments, how can the Muslims not move with their capabilities and capacities?,” he wondered.

The Zionist enemy’s massacres during 104 days

The leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi clarified that the Zionist Jewish aggression committed over 2,000 massacres and acts of genocide against the Palestinian people during 104 days. He affirmed that what the Palestinian people are experiencing is unjust aggression, comprehensive destruction, and a violation of all laws and norms.

He pointed out that the American and British stance is an aberrant position compared to all nations, states, and peoples in describing the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy.

He stated that the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Arab League have limited themselves to statements and condemnations that do not meet the level of responsibility and injustice. He noted that there has been negligence from most Islamic countries in the Arab region and elsewhere towards the Palestinian people.

Referring to the US-Israeli-UK enemy, the leader affirmed that it is in the interest of the entire nation to stand with the Palestinian people against a common enemy that is an enemy to all Muslims. He emphasized that adopting a strategy of appeasement and indifference towards Palestine will extend to any other Arab or Islamic country.

He also affirmed that the enemy’s goals in Gaza are invalid, wicked, and have failed to be achieved, but they continue their aggression. He pointed out that behind the Zionist audacity to continue the aggression in Gaza, there is the American role and direct contribution to all the crimes.

“The Americans are involved with the Israelis in providing all forms of military support, surveillance, information, funding, and political support. They insist on the continuation of Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people and provide media support for it,” Sayyed Abdulmalik emphasized.

He indicated that from the first day of the aggression, the US threatened the Islamic world from providing any support to the Palestinian people.

Sayyed Abdulmalik questioned, “Where is Arab generosity in providing assistance to the Palestinians, breaking the siege, and delivering food and medicine to Gaza?”

He said, “The general stance of most Arab and Islamic countries is limited to media sympathy in a manner that shows weakness and feebleness, while some countries have taken a negative media reaction against the Palestinian people in favor of the Zionist enemy.”

He added that the Palestinian people are tormented, oppressed, and unjustly treated, with their land occupied and their economic potential at ground zero.

The Dark Criminal History of the US

The leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi affirmed that the US sought to gather support from multiple countries for the Zionist enemy and pushed European countries such as Germany, France, and Italy. He stated that the US puts all its immense and advanced capabilities and international influence in the aggression against the Palestinian people, who only have simple weapons at their disposal.

He continued, “The US has a dark criminal history towards various peoples of the world and are known for their moral bankruptcy. Biden did not excuse himself for being old but rather, after October 7, he took the initiative to visit occupied Palestine to directly and personally express his support for the Zionist enemy.”

He pointed out that American political orientations are not associated with any moral values, and their biggest motivation behind all of that is their connection to Zionism. He said, “The Americans have practical orientations to serve the Zionist lobby in the world, and they consider those commitments as obligations that they must fulfill.”

He noted that the Americans are willing to do whatever the Zionist lobby wants from them, even if their crimes are clear and exposed, and at the expense of their own interests. Therefore, the Americans approach Zionism as binding obligations that they must fulfill regardless of the consequences.

He indicated that many in both the Democratic and Republican parties in America compete to provide more support to Israel, and American commitments in favor of Jewish Zionists outweigh all considerations and annul all other factors.

He reiterated that Americans participate in daily crimes, provide clear and overt support for their continuation, participate in them, sponsor them, and protect them. As Muslims, we must question how we should deal as a targeted nation in response to the injustices and tyranny committed by the enemies.

He pointed out that the British are an old Zionist arm even before America itself.

Enemies’ Commitment to Zionist Jews

The leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi stated, “The enemies come from the farthest corners of the Earth to our Islamic world to ensure the empowerment of Zionists in occupying Palestine. We must question our commitments to our just causes in the face of the enemies coming from distant places for the sake of Zionist Jews.”

He added that the suffering of the Palestinian people for decades, in the eyes of Americans and Europeans, does not give them the right to defend themselves and their land.

He continued, “For over 100 days, the fighters in Gaza have stood with determination and self-sacrifice to confront the destructive and deadly Israeli machinery, while the West is only concerned with labeling the fighters as terrorists and sparing no effort to confront their aggression.”

He further stated, “The heroic fighters in Palestine have rights and obligations towards their children and women, regarding their legitimate rights. The Palestinian people have a just cause, legitimate obligations, and human and moral commitments to defend themselves and confront the enemy.”

He warned that Americans see themselves standing with Israelis and sparing no effort against Palestinians in their just struggle, explaining that Americans and the British want the Palestinian people to remain helpless, submissive, and oppressed.

He also emphasized that when the free people of the nation in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen move, they move based on clear rights and injustices, asking, “If Americans believe they have to come from over 9,000 kilometers to our region, how is it not our right to stand with the Palestinian people who are part of us?”

The leader pointed out that the leaders of the Zionist Jewish lobby are a handful of criminals with a demonic aggressive inclination, and that the Zionists pose a threat not only to the Palestinian people but to the entire nation.

Between Enemies’ Commitment and Ours…

He affirmed that the nation today is torn between two commitments: the American-Zionist commitment and our commitment as a nation. From this perspective, the Yemeni people have moved, emphasizing that their faith would not allow them to remain indifferent to their role in carrying the banner of jihad for the sake of Allah.

He pointed out that the Yemeni people have fully stood, both in words and actions, in support of the oppressed Palestinian people and their heroic fighters. He stated that Yemen’s military position is rooted in religious conviction.

He stressed that Americans need to understand the meaning of our religious allegiance and our religious stance. “We live and die for it, and we are prepared, within the framework of our religious position, to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Allah.”

He said, “We are ready to face all challenges, and the fruit and credibility of our religious allegiance are evident in such a situation, under these circumstances. Our people have actively and significantly moved, causing losses worth billions of dollars to the enemies of Allah.”

Naval position has frustrated enemies

The leader stated that the naval position has frustrated the enemies to the point where they can no longer tolerate it. It has become a real problem and a significant pressure factor on the Zionist enemy.

He noted that the Americans and the British violated the sovereignty of our country and entangled themselves in a war with us.

He acknowledged that the aggression against Yemen is an aggression, and a direct violation of Yemen’s sovereignty, as well as a direct assault on the Yemeni people.

He said, “The American deliberately says ‘the Houthis,’ but what he is doing is an assault on the Yemeni people and their stance.”

Furthermore, the leader affirmed that the aggression will not change the stance of the Yemeni people or their religious commitment, and the continuous targeting of ships associated with Israel will persist. He stated that naval operations will include American and British ships, and the aggression will not change anything about our position.

US Did Not Learn from 9-Years Aggression

He emphasized that the American-British aggression will not affect Yemen’s military capabilities; it is merely an illusion and media propaganda.

The leader stated that the American admitted, after the first round of airstrikes, that it did not have an impact on Yemen’s military capabilities. He said, “The American did not learn the lessons from the aggression that it supervised for nine years. Throughout the years, he knew that whenever the aggression escalated against us, we developed military capabilities better and greater.”

He added, “We confirm to the whole world that the American-British aggression will contribute more and more as long as we continue to develop our military capabilities.”

He continued, “If the American knew the qualitative difference of the weapon that targeted yesterday’s ship, he would be certain that continuing his aggression will increase the development of our military capabilities.”

The leader addressed the Yemeni people that there are indeed tangible steps from now on in developing military capabilities, saying, “Our people are a resilient people with strong determination and readiness to endure the consequences of their honorable ideological stance.”

He emphasized that the direct American and British intervention does not scare us at all; on the contrary, we are very relieved and grateful to Allah for it.

Direct Confrontation with Enemies

Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi considered being in direct confrontation with the Israeli, American, and British, who are the mother, roots, and sources of terrorism, a great honor and a great blessing.

He affirmed that the enemies’ policy and strategy in all previous stages were based on striking Yemen through other regimes and being the winning party without losing. He pointed out that the enemies’ policy was based on striking Islamic nation against itself and using one state against another.

He stressed that it is a great honor for Yemeni people to be in direct confrontation with the evil trio of Israel, America, and Britain. He said, “Today, we acknowledge and take pride in what Sayyed Hussein Badraddin al-Houthi, may Allah be pleased with him, said that (America is a straw). As much as we have hope in Allah’s victory and support, our faith in the victory and support of Allah is greater.”

He added, “We are in confrontation with the evil tyrants, oppressors, and corruptors on the earth, hoping for what we can be for the victory and support of Allah.”

The US classification is laughable.

The leader described the recent American classification as laughable, saying, “The American, who sponsors Zionist terrorism, is morally bankrupt and embraces perversion, dares to classify others!” He affirmed that the American stance does not scare, affect, or bother us.

He added, “The American, who initiated and supervised the aggression against us for nine years and then started attacking our navy, now comes to classify the ones being attacked as terrorists.”

He emphasized that the source of crime, terrorism, and tyranny is the American who lacks the qualification to classify others.

“Our country will classify the American and the British on the list of countries that protect, sponsor, and support Zionist terrorism,” he added.

He clarified that the American classification is a step that serves the protection of Zionist crime only. He confirmed that the American’s attacks and classifications hold no importance, and we will continue to support the Palestinian people and exert pressure through all means as Yemeni people.

He continued, “We will continue to target ships linked to Israel and launch strikes towards occupied Palestine until the aggression and siege on Gaza are lifted.”

Rights of the people of Gaza

He clarified that it is the right of the people of Gaza for the siege to end and for food and medical supplies to flow. It is their right to have a maritime passage to Gaza for the delivery of their needs via the sea.

He added that the American wants the seas to be safe for the delivery of support and resources to the Israeli enemy while the Palestinian people suffer from hunger. He pointed out that it is the right of the Palestinian people to have a maritime passage in addition to the Egyptian crossing.

The leader reiterated the call to all countries to be cautious about getting involved with America and Britain in the aggression against Yemen and the Palestinian people. He emphasized that America seeks to drag other countries into direct participation and contribution to the aggression against the Palestinian people.

He noted, “America has involved Germany in dangerous positions by directly contributing with tank shells and other forms of support to Zionist crime.” He praised all the positive stances towards the oppression of the Palestinian people and stressed the need for active continuation in supporting the Palestinian people.