Yemeni Armed Forces target American ship ‘Chem Ranger’ in Gulf of Aden


The Yemeni Armed Forces announced in the early hours of Friday the implementation of a targeting operation against the American ship (Chem Ranger) in the Gulf of Aden with several appropriate naval missiles, resulting in direct hits.

The Armed Forces confirmed in a statement that a retaliation to the American and British attacks is inevitable, and that any new aggression will not go unpunished.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces confirm that navigation traffic in the Arab and Red Seas would continue to all destinations around the world except for the ports of occupied Palestine, and that the block of Israeli navigation or heading to the ports of occupied Palestine will continue until the ceasefire is achieved and the siege is lifted in the Gaza strip,” the statement read.

The statement noted that the operation comes in support of the oppressed Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and within the framework of the response to the US-British aggression against Yemen.